Integrated S2 The Executive Wellness Program offers organizational and community leaders sustained support and empowerment to assist them on their Road-to-Wellness and helps them in becoming wellness leaders that fosters a health culture in the organisation. Organizational & community leaders can play an important role in fostering a well workplace culture that supports the health and wellness of employees. Management, union, community leaders, wellness professionals and wellness committees can join together to promote a well workplace. In most cases leaders a struggling with the same health & wellness challenges their employees do. However, under their leadership they could together embark on the Road-to-Wellness and collectively establish a well workplace culture. Therefore, the aim of this program is to facilitate leaders in:

  •       Sharing the Wellness Vision
  •       Serving as a role model
  •       Aligning organizational support systems
  •       Monitoring and celebrating success

Advantages and Features

There are some great advantages and futures that make the Executive Wellness Program a must have to ensure health and performing top management.
Health risk assessmentThis comprehensive bi-annual health risk assessment uses a scientific analysis process over a multi-dimensional spectrum of health to determine health risk and life expectancy. And track it over time.
TrainingSkills Development workshops & opportunities are presented to empower leaders to share the vision, role model wellness, align organisational support and celebrate success.
Adventure breakawayProviding an environment where quality wellness decisions could be made and wellness leadership skills be learned, while experiencing wellness within a relaxing yet adventures setting.
Coaching sessionsReceive regular executive coaching sessions around behaviour change strategies to ensure more healthy and more productive managers that can illicit their best thinking to become who they were born to be!
Buddy systemTeaming up with friends or co-workers to keep you motivated to continue. it is more interesting and fun because you're more likely to mix things up if everyone likes working out in different ways.
Health promotionReceive regular health promotion material directed at the needs and desires of group based on the outcome of the Health risk assessment – Aggregate report.

How it works


Choose a price plan

Whether you want this for a small management team or incorporate several executive management teams, we have a price plan for you. Choose one of our prepared plans [click here] or contact our friendly staff for special request or price negotiations [click here]

Customize the plan

Our professional team will meet up with you and develop a custom plan and solution to ensure a value add program for your executive teams. Some considerations:
  •       The program could span anything from 12 months to 3 years.
  •       In-house health care workers could be utilized to save costs
  •       Some of the training and skills development sessions need to be presented by our professional staff that might require added travel costs.

Step 3

Roll out program

Depending on the customization of the plan the program will be rolled out with careful consideration of the busy schedules participants may have.

Plans and Pricing

Choose the right assessment plan for you.


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Customization of system to ensure effective and purposeful service delivery

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