IntegratedS1Research is indicating that the best way to reduce unsuccessful behaviour change attempts is through establishing a supportive cultural environment. Creating corporate culture that truly supports wellness is a long-term project that requires real dedication to wellness values and a lot of sustained hard work and coordination. In a supportive cultural environment, employees feel that the organization they work for provides them with encouragement, opportunity, and rewards for healthy lifestyles. And the spirit that results is highly contagious. Employees who feel cared for are naturally more loyal and productive. Through a decade of research and trailing best practices (that has led to a Ph.D. , several publications and conference presentations), Wellness Africa has developed a Systematic Culture Change System based on the work of Robert T. Allen and his son Judd Allen, that could be implemented by African-based organizations to establish an organisational wellness culture.      

Advantages and Features

There are some great advantages and futures that make the Systematic Wellness Culture Change System a must have to ensure effective and purposeful service delivery, and demonstrate the role it plays in creating organizational value and its return on investment.
Clarify the visionStrategic aligning the employee wellness program to achieve its full potential and demonstrate the role it plays in creating organizational value and its return on investment.
Baseline analysisProvide a framework for the assessment and evaluation of the current organizational wellness culture, to develop a picture of its desired future and the role that employee wellness have.
Leadership supportAlign and empower organisational leaders to play an important role in fostering a well workplace culture that supports the health and wellness of employees.
Program planningResponsible and quality planning of the employee wellness program to deliver the results desired and measure the return on investment.
Recruitment strategiesEngaging employees to enjoy the benefits of workplace wellness programs, threw a longer term perspective that emphasizes the importance of building mutually beneficial relationships with employees and other stakeholders.
Personal health assessmentsStrengthen care to employees and provide a snapshot of their current state of wellness. Establish employee accountability, improve their change efforts and provide an opportunity to get involved with wellness coaching. Help employers monitor and manage workforce health risk & productivity over time.
Behaviour change strategiesEnsure most effective and sustainable behaviour change techniques are used that creates the workstyle and lifestyle employees desire.
Supportive cultural environmentEstablish, monitor and manage the components and dimensions that govern an effective wellness culture.
IntegrationInvolving all key stakeholders and sharing resources that create the shared wellness vision.
Monitoring and managing dataEstablishing a continuing function that uses systematic collection and ongoing assessment of data on specific health and wellness indicators to provide the management and the main stakeholders of an ongoing intervention with indications of the extent of achievement of objectives and progress in the use of allocated funds.
Reward and recognitionEnsure the value of wellness in the organisation is respected, honoured and celebrated throughout the whole organization.
With this service Wellness Africa strives to audit, support and empower organizations and communities to create a wellness culture that is important to them.

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